Buffy the Vampire Slayer Trivia Quiz

Birthday cake for Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Birthday cake by Patisserie Bleu.
This is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer trivia quiz I put together in 2004 for some friends at a Buffy birthday party. Most web browsers will show the answers concealed by black boxes and will reveal each answer when you move the cursor over it. The page should print normally, with both questions and answers visible.

If no team gets the right answer to a question, partial points should be awarded for the closest answer, in questions where that makes sense.

Many of these questions are difficult, because they were intended for a team to answer with the combined knowledge of the team members and to be interesting when you learn the answers. (And there is one question you will not be able to answer unless you followed my Germany travelogue.)

Episode s-e means season s, episode e within the season. For example, the last episode of season one is 1-12.

2004 Questions

Here are the original questions. There are 60 points total in 36 questions.

Introduction (15 points)

  1. Q. (1 point) How many episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer are there?
    A. There are 144 regular episodes, in addition to the movie and an unbroadcast pilot.

  2. Q. (1 point) How old was Buffy when she was called?
    A. 15 years old. (Episode 4-12, "A New Man.")

  3. Q. (6 points) What are the Slayer's superpowers?
    A. The Slayer's powers are:
    1. great strength and speed;
    2. resistance to injury and quick recuperation;
    3. some ability to sense vampires;
    4. occasional prophecy dreams;
    5. enhanced coordination, senses, and fighting abilities; and
    6. the ability to pun in the thick of battle. (Episode 3-12, "Helpless": "If I was at full Slayer power, I'd be punning right about now.")

  4. Q. (1 point) Who dated a praying mantis?1
    A. Xander. (Episode 1-4, "Teacher's Pet.")

  5. Q. (1 point) What does Cordelia's vanity license plate read?1
    A. QUEEN C. (Episode 2-5, "Reptile Boy," and episode 2-10, "What's My Line" part two.)

  6. Q. (1 point) What poster was on Buffy and Willow's freshman-year college dorm door?
    A. Chocolate. (Episode 4-20, "The Yoko Factor," and others.)

  7. Q. (1 point) What decoration makes Buffy fear that she won't get along with her college roommate, Kathy?2
    A. A Celine Dion poster. (Episode 4-1, "The Freshman.")

  8. Q. (1 point) What was the room number of the lab where Adam was kept in "Goodbye, Iowa" and other episodes?2
    A. 314. (Episodes 4-12, 4-13, 4-14, 4-21.)

  9. Q. (2 points) What small animals are Willow and Anya afraid of?
    A. Frogs and rabbits, respectively. (Episode 2-9, "What's My Line" part one, and episode 4-4, "Fear Itself.")

Names (12 points)

  1. Q. (1 point) What is Buffy's full name? (Spelling must be correct.)
    A. Buffy Anne Summers. (Episode 3-1, "Anne.")

  2. Q. (1 point) What is Willow's name (first and last)?
    A. Willow Rosenberg.

  3. Q. (2 points) What is Xander's full name (first, middle, and last)?
    A. Alexander LaVelle Harris. (Episode 1-4, "Teacher's Pet.")

  4. Q. (2 points) What are Buffy's parents' names?1
    A. Joyce and Hank Summers. (Episode 1-10, "Nightmares.")

  5. Q. (1 point) What is Spike's first name?
    A. William.

  6. Q. (1 point) What is the name (first and last) of Giles' former associate who turns costumes into reality in episode 2-6, "Halloween"?2
    A. Ethan Rayne.

  7. Q. (1 point) What is Jenny Calendar's name?
    A. Janna of the Kalderash people. (Episode 2-13, "Surprise.")

  8. Q. (2 points) What is Oz's name (first and last)?
    A. Daniel Osbourne. (Episode 4-7, "The Initiative.")

  9. Q. (1 point) What is Miss Kitty Fantastico's name?
    A. Trick question: We never learn her true name. (In episode 4-22, "Restless," we are told Miss Kitty has not revealed her true name.)

Intermediate Questions (11 points)

  1. Q. (1 point) What did Angel give Buffy for her 17th birthday?
    A. A claddagh ring. (Episode 1-13, "Surprise.")

  2. Q. (1 point) Who sired Angel?
    A. Darla. (Episode 2-21, "Becoming" part one.)

  3. Q. (1 point) Who sired Drusilla?
    A. Angel. (Episode 2-7, "Lie to Me.")

  4. Q. (1 point) Who sired Spike?
    A. Drusilla. (Episode 5-7, "Fool for Love.")

  5. Q. (1 point) Who sired Darla (the second time)?
    A. Drusilla. (Angel episode 2-9, "The Trial.")

  6. Q. (1 point) In which episode did Darla first appear?
    A. Episode 1-1, "Welcome to the Hellmouth," first line of first scene.

  7. Q. (1 point) True or false: Dracula drank Buffy's blood, and Buffy drank Dracula's blood?
    A. True. (Episode 5-1, "Buffy vs. Dracula.")

  8. Q. (1 point) True or false: Most creatures on Buffy the Vampire Slayer are terrestrial, but three extraterrestrial creatures (from space, not just other dimensions) have appeared?
    A. False, just one. (Episode 5-9, "Listening to Fear.")

  9. Q. (3 points) Name the largely silent episode, the episode without music, and the musical episode.
    A. The episodes are:
    1. "Hush" (episode 4-10),
    2. "The Body" (episode 5-16), and
    3. "Once More With Feeling" (episode 6-7).

Advanced Questions (22 points)

  1. Q. (2 points) What did Angel give Buffy for her 18th birthday?
    A. A book, Sonnets from the Portuguese, classic love poems by Elizabeth Barrett Browning to her husband, Robert Browning, inscribed "Always" on the title page by Angel. (Episode 3-12, "Helpless.")

  2. Q. (2 points) In episode 4-14, "The I in Team," Willow asked Tara to help cast a spell to locate demonic energy in the area. Tara agreed to help but covertly sabotaged the spell. Why?
    A. Tara believed she was a demon and would be revealed by the spell. (In episode 5-6, "Family," this is revealed to the other characters, and Tara learns she is not a demon.)

  3. Q. (2 points) True or false: Buffy killed a god?
    A. False: Buffy did not kill Glory. She only disabled Glory. Giles killed Glory's alternate personality, Ben. (Episode 5-22, "The Gift.")

  4. Q. (2 points) Where is Angel from?1
    A. Galway, Ireland. (Episode 2-21, "Becoming" part one.)

  5. Q. (2 points) Which main character did actress Alexandra Lee play?
    A. Buffy. (In episode 5-21, "The Weight of the World," Alexandra Lee plays Buffy as a child.)

  6. Q. (6 points) Name three episodes with special opening credits.
    A. The episodes with special opening credits are:
    1. In episode 4-17, "Superstar," the credits were altered to feature Jonathan.
    2. In episode 6-7, "Once More With Feeling," the credits were in the style of a 1950s musical.
    3. In episode 6-19, "Seeing Red," Tara (played by Amber Benson) is added to the opening credits but killed at the end of the episode.

  7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer socks
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer socks.
    Q. (2 points) In which city did I get my Buffy the Vampire Slayer socks?
    A. I found the socks in Paris.

  8. Q. (2 points) An executive producer of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie and of the TV series is named Sandy Gallin. The talent agent who booked the little-known British band the Beatles for their legendary appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show is also named Sandy Gallin. How are they related?
    A. They are the same person.

  9. Q. (2 points) In episode 3-22, "Graduation" part two, the final episode of season three, Faith mentions (in a dream) "counting down from 7-3-0." What does 730 mean?
    A. 730 is the number of days in two years, the time until Dawn (the Key) will be used to open the portal.

Buffy image on birthday cake with candles
Birthday cake 2006.

2006 Questions

Here are questions I added later for another party. There are 28 points here in 21 questions.

Love (5 points)

  1. Q. (1 point) Where was the necklace Xander gave Cordelia when Xander asked for it back?
    A. Around Cordelia's neck, under her clothes. (Episode 2-16, "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered.")

  2. Q. (1 point) What was Willow wearing the first time Oz saw her?
    A. An eskimo costume. (Episode 2-4, "Inca Mummy Girl.")

  3. Q. (1 point) What was the name of the female werewolf Oz was attracted to?3
    A. Veruca. (Episode 4-6, "Wild at Heart.)

  4. Q. (1 point) In which episode did Tara and Willow first hold hands?
    A. "Hush." (Episode 4-10.)

  5. Q. (1 point) Which potential slayer has a tongue stud?
    A. Kennedy. (Seen in episode 7-20, "Touched," while licking Willow.)

Death (4 points)

  1. Q. (1 point) Which Slayer's death activated Faith?3
    A. Kendra. (Episode 3-3, "Faith, Hope, and Trick.")

  2. Q. (2 points) What were Tara's last words?
    A. "Your shirt." (Episode 6-19, "Seeing Red.")

  3. Q. (1 point) In the last episode, which member of the Scoobies died?3
    A. Anya. (Episode 7-22, "Chosen.")

Friends (5 points)

  1. Q. (2 points) What is Anyanka's real name?
    A. Aud. (Episode 7-5, "Selfless.")

  2. Q. (1 point) Does Anya like bowling, roller skating, or miniature golf?
    A. Anya likes bowling. (Episode 7-5, "Selfless.")

  3. Q. (1 point) When they taught about Achilles' Heel in school, Faith was:
    1. absent that day,
    2. absent that month,
    3. absent that year, or
    4. absent that decade?
    A. Absent that decade. (Episode 7-20, "Touched.")

  4. Q. (1 point) In "Fear, Itself," what was Buffy's Halloween costume?3
    A. Little Red Riding Hood. (Episode 4-4, "Fear Itself.")

Enemies (7 points)

  1. Q. (1 point) Who founded Sunnydale?
    A. Richard Wilkins III. (Episode 7-20, "Touched.")

  2. Q. (1 point) What did the the Mayor have a phobia about?3
    A. Germs. (Episode 3-17, "Enemies.")

  3. Q. (2 points) Name at least two of the other things on the Mayor's to-do list the day he became invincible.
    A. From episode 3-14, "Bad Girls":
    1. Greet Scouts,
    2. Lumber Union Reschedule,
    3. Call Temp Agency,
    4. Meeting with PTA, and
    5. Haircut.

  4. Q. (1 point) How did Buffy destroy the demon Gachnar?3
    A. She squished him with her sneaker. (Episode 4-4, "Fear Itself.")

  5. Q. (2 points) How did Buffy kill the Turok-Han?
    A. Decapitation. (Episode 7-11, "Show Time.")

Lore (5 points)

  1. Q. (1 point) According to Buffy, what do monsters have nightmares about?
    A. Buffy. (Episode 7-11, "Show Time.")

  2. Q. (2 points) Who watches the Watchers?
    A. Guardians. They are the ones who forged the scythe used in the last two episodes. The scythe killed the last pure demon that walked the Earth. (Episode 7-21, "End of Days.")

  3. Q. (2 points) What is the reason the First had the opportunity to destroy the Slayer line?
    A. Willow, Anya, Xander, and Tara brought Buffy back to life. This disrupted the mystical forces surrounding the chosen line, making them unstable and vulnerable. (Episode 7-11, "Show Time.")

The End (2 points)

  1. Q. (2 points) What was or who had the last line?
    A. Dawn: "Yeah, Buffy, what are we gonna do now?" (Episode 7-22, "Chosen.")


1 These questions come from maelstrum@nf.sympatico.ca.

2 These questions come from Amy Gill.

3 These questions come from Buffy the Vampire Slayer Magazine number 16, December/January 2005, page 64.

© Copyright 2004 by Eric Postpischil.