Caroline Nevins, 1941—2023

Caroline Nevins, 81, of Silver Spring, Maryland, passed away February 3, 2023, at home.

Caroline was born in New York City on May 26, 1941, daughter of Helen Elizabeth Nevins née Seres and Nathan Gordon Nevins. She was raised in the Bronx, graduated from Taft High School, and attended City College of New York, where she met my father, Gerhard.

They moved to College Park, Maryland, where she completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a Master of Library Science degree at the University of Maryland, and where my brother Alex and I were raised.

One of my earliest memories is of my mom's cat, Fess. Fess was affectionate but tough and taught me to respect animals. My mother also taught us to treat people equally.

She worked at the University of Maryland Library School, and the campus was a part of my life, including occasional visits to the dairy for ice cream.

She always sought the outdoors and wanted to work with plants and later changed careers to groundskeeping. After we moved away, she moved to Greenbelt, Maryland. When I asked her about her life, she said she had wanted to be a cowboy or space pilot.

In her leisure time, she enjoyed knitting, quilting, gardening, pets, and listening to NPR.

Caroline is survived by her children, Eric Postpischil of Merrimack, New Hampshire, and Alex Postpischil of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and her cousin Susan Kohn of Needham, Massachusetts.


Mom requested donations be made to these organizations: