Eric's New Hampshire Hikes Photographs

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Canoe on top of Mount Monadnock Boating safety tips: Wear life preservers. Position your craft as far as possible from water, as demonstrated in this scene on top of Mount Monadnock.

View from Top of Mount Washington Here is the view from the top of Mount Washington.

Sign Showing Path, Pointing Down Here is how I got there. Notice the arrow points straight down. Actually, the path isn't that bad, but the last half-mile is pretty steep.

Path From Hut to Summit Here's an overview of the path from the AMC hut to the summit.

Below is a view stretching from the base to the hut. Note that there is a river in there somewhere. The cog railray depot is the big open area on the right, and a little above and to the left of that is the parking area.
Path From Base to Hut

Cog Railway Engine Here is how I got down.

Pursuing Train They sent two trains down together, so the other train was pursuing us.

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