TriSolve Application



TriSolve is an application I wrote as an exercise while I learned Windows programming. TriSolve is my first Windows application.

TriSolve solves polyiamond puzzles. A polyiamond is a puzzle piece made of equilateral triangles. Here are some polyiamonds:

[Sample polyiamond pieces]
Sets of polyiamond pieces can be put together to form a multitude of shapes. Here is a shape like the letter T that has been formed with polyiamonds:
[Sample solution for T shape]
TriSolve takes a set of pieces and a desired goal shape and finds ways to make the goal with the pieces. Polyiamond puzzle sets are sold by Kadon Enterprises. There is more information about polyiamonds here.

Download TriSolve

To install TriSolve, download this file (81 KiB), unzip it, and run TriSolve.exe. TriSolve is well-behaved and will not modify your system except to store (and remove at your command) a little information in the Windows registry.

System Requirements: Windows 95 or later and a little memory.

The fee for using TriSolve beyond a trial period of your discretion is to send me an email message. (This is for my curiosity only, not to add to a mailing list. I might send consensual person-to-person email but will not use your address for a mailing list or product notices unless you ask, and maybe not even then.)

The Source Code

TriSolve's source code is available for examination in this ZIP file.

© Copyright 2002 by Eric Postpischil.