Super Mario 64 Coins

The main goal in Super Mario 64 is to get stars, but there are also many coins to get in each world. Below is a count of the coins I know of. Nintendo Power published an incorrect coin count. It even published a couple of incorrect "corrections." The screen image below proves Nintendo was wrong. (Click on the image to see it full-size.)

A few web pages that claim there are more coins, but most are not credible. Some have arithmetic errors, some claim excessively many coins with no explanation, and none I have seen have screen images or other evidence.

Super Mario 64 score screen image

Super Mario 64 Coins
 1 Bob-omb Battlefield146146 
 2 Whomp’s Fortress141141 
 3 Jolly Roger Bay104104 
 4 Cool, Cool Mountain154154 
 5 Big Boo’s Haunt151151 
 6 Hazy Maze Cave134139+5
 7 Lethal Lava Land133133 
 8 Shifting Sand Land136136 
 9 Dire, Dire Docks106106 
10 Snowman’s Land125126+1
11 Wet-Dry World147152+5
12 Tall, Tall Mountain135137+2
13 Tiny-Huge Island182191+9
14 Tick Tock Clock128128 
15 Rainbow Ride146146 

Note: In the years since I wrote this page, two additional coins have been found, one in Snowman’s Land and one in Tiny-Huge Island. They may be inaccessible with normal play.

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