Miscellaneous Notes

Cities I Visited

I visited Ulm, Neu-Ulm, München, Paris, Frankfurt, Gießen, Heidelberg, Köln, Bruxelles, London, Stuttgart, Nürnberg, Augsburg, Füssen/Hohenschwangau, Roma, Vatican City, Scavi di Pompei, Napoli, Venezia, Genève, Lyon, the Surdon area, and Senden. I do not count Günzberg because I just passed through to get to Legoland.

Ulm's Neuen Straßenbahnen

  1. Albrecht Berblinger (1770-1829), tailor and hang-glider pioneer.
  2. Agathe Streicher (1520-1581), doctor.
  3. Albert Einstein (1879-1955), physicist.
  4. Max Eyth (1836-1906), writer and engineer.
  5. Otl Aicher (1922-1991), designer of type and many pictograms including those used to mark male and female toilets.
  6. Johannes Kepler (1571-1630), astronomer.
  7. Jörg Syrlin (1425-1491), carver.
  8. Sophie Scholl (1921-1943), teacher and White Rose activist killed by Nazis.
Otl Aicher also had some association with the White Rose that I do not completely know about.

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