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A Statistically Invalid Sampling of My Life:

I have earned a master’s degree in mathematics; jumped off an airplane; published math research in a peer-reviewed journal; completed a secret mission in Russia; touched parts of the Moon and Mars; punted on the Cam; lived in a house older than the United States; walked 14 km through the Australian Outback with no food or drink; helped create the iPhone; baked a six-layer cake with mocha mousse and chocolate-macadamia ganache; performed on the same ticket as Barenaked Ladies; climbed Mount Monadnock 118 times in a year; griped in person to the President of the United States; operated an Internet subdomain; walked up what was the tallest building in the world; lived in four states within 12 months; dined at Apple, Google, Intel, and Yahoo!; invested multinationally; litigated a lawsuit against the New Hampshire Department of Safety; programmed for over forty years; organized two dozen game events for the 1994 Mensa Annual Gathering; been published in Whole Earth Review; gotten all the coins in Super Mario 64; read thousands of books; lived and worked in Germany; driven from Florida to California; earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science; had business meetings with Bill Gates and Al Gore; played Asteroids for three hours on one quarter; reviewed over 100 chocolate stores; lifted tens of millions of pounds; worked on an Apple computer assembly line; worn out a treadmill; worked in operating systems for two decades; climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge; run for legislative office; juggled blindfolded; toured the sewers of Paris; taught assembly language programming; climbed Mount Washington barefoot; and changed forints into zlotys. However, I have never worn a necktie.

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